Honoring the people murdered in mass shootings

Our mission is to remind America that mass shooting victims are people – not statistics

About Us

Why we’re here

If it feels like there is a mass shooting in the United States every day, it’s because that’s true. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 610 mass shootings in 2020. Before we have the opportunity to grieve the losses of our neighbors and friends, another mass murder has happened and we are forced to move on. Ongoing coverage and court proceedings lead us to remember the names of the person who pulled the trigger and forget the ones who should be remembered.

What you will find here

Victim Archive

Browse a list of mass shooting victims, categoriezed by incident.


Get links to organizations working to eliminate mass shootings.

What you will not find here

An Open Forum

We’re here to honor victims of mass shootings. Not to be a forum for hate speech.

Names of Perpatrators

Mass shooters get too much coverage already. They will not be mentioned by name here.

Charts and Graphs

There are plenty of websites counting victims.

We need your help

We’re trying our best to keep the information found here accurate and respectful. If you are a family member or friend of a victim listed here, please help us provide the most accurate information about your loved one. If we’ve gotten something wrong, please let us know so we can fix it. If you would like your family member removed for whatever reason, let us know that too. You can reach us at admin@massshootingvictims.org.